Funny Name. Great Neighborhood.
CARAG is a neighborhood in SouthWest Minneapolis, it is commonly called Uptown.

Upcoming Events

CARAG SUPER SALE / Saturday, May 19
Dozens of garage sales held on the same day in the neighborhood. Rain or Shine. 

See all the locations here. Sale descriptions are here.

  • 30+ Sales in Our Neighborhood
  • Maps at Each Sale
  • Restrooms Available at Bryant Square Park

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CARAG Name Change Taskforce

CARAG has begun the process of finding a new name for the neighborhood, and the organization representing the area. We’ve established a Name Change Task Force research ideas, solicit neighbor feedback, and recommend a name later this year. Look for more info soon about how you can provide feedback including through a survey.

Why are we considering a name change?

“CARAG” is an acronym rather than the name of a community landmark, place name, or geographical feature like the names of most other Minneapolis neighborhoods.

  • The name “Lake Calhoun” has been changed to “Bde Makaska” eliminating part of the reason for the
  • CARAG acronym and the neighborhood boundaries are located blocks away from the lake.
  • Calhoun Area Residents Action Group and CARAG can be confusing names and may no longer serve the
  • organization or its’ brand.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to strengthen our community and our neighborhood by improving the quality of life of those living and working in CARAG through connections, creation, and community. We welcome all, and invite you to join us. Click to learn more.

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